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Foot pain - the complexities involved

Foot pain is a very common issue that many people face all over the world. As a matter of fact, statistics reveal that about 75% people in their aging years experience foot pain at some point or other. A superficial pain may not be too much of a concern and many people may even ignore it associating it to their work stress or tiredness. However, foot pain can also be at times quite recurring and unbearable leaving you incapable to carry on with your regular course of life. This is when your foot pain will require special care and attention. Experts advice to keep active during ageing years in order to avoid health issues but there are things like foot pain that can cause you to lose your active physical state. 

In order to deal with the extremely exuberating foot pain, it is important to understand what causes it. The fact is that our feet take a lot of physical strain every single day. The feet carry the weight of the body and also act as shock absorbers when we walk. Because of this everyday stress, there is a good chance that you may face some foot pain too. Other than this main cause, there are certain lifestyle related factors too that can cause foot pain as mentioned hereunder -

1. Shoe misfit: Ill fitting shoes can be responsible for foot pain to a large extent. It is important to wear shoes or any kind of footwear that is comfortable and does not cause any inconvenience to your feet. Use of high heels is regarded as a leading cause of foot pain in women.

2. Exercising and work-outs: Putting extra stress on your feet will definitely cause foot pain. Running or exercising can do that and so can other physically challenging activities like aerobics, athletics, etc. This is the reason why foot pain is found to common in athletes. While you can always try some foot and leg exercises to relieve the stress off your feet, foot pain sometimes becomes unavoidable.

3. Diseases: Certain diseases like diabetes that interrupt with the blood flow through the nerves can also cause foot pain.

4. Age: Ageing is the most common cause for chronic foot pain. As people age, their heel muscle tissue tends to thin out making their feet more susceptible to inflammation and pain.

What are foot orthotics?

Chronic foot pain is common but you do not necessarily have to live all your life with it. Foot pain can be easily managed with the use of foot orthotics.

Foot orthotics are basically insoles for your shoes which are custom made for your feet to help you correct your balance and other such issues that cause foot pain. Also referred to as orthopedic insoles, these foot orthotics quite easily fit into your shoes providing you a cushion support that will help in alleviating your foot pain. The foot specialists are experts who will understand the causes of your foot pain, examine your feet and offer you customized foot orthotics that will help you in dealing with your foot pain. Foot orthotics are available quite conveniently online too and you can easily order Footlogics foot supports based on your specific requirements.

Foot orthotics are very easy to use and are quite comfortable too. They can be used in running shoes or in your everyday work footwear too just like the regular insoles. They are ideal for athletes and for ageing people alike.

Things to consider when choosing your foot orthotics:

Not all foot orthotics or foot supports can be extremely effective while treating foot pain. You must be very careful in choosing the right ones. While appropriate foot orthotics can do wonders in dealing with your foot pain, inappropriately made foot orthotics can do more harm than good. Here are a few things that you should check be sure of before choosing your foot orthotics.

1. Have the foot orthotics been custom-made? If yes, were they made from a cast of your foot now or how it should be?

2. Did your foot casting take into account the most ideal posture of your foot?

3. Are your foot orthotics good enough to take the pressure of your weight?

4. Will the orthotics offer you complete arch support?

5. How long will the foot orthotics last?

With the use of well-made custom foot orthotics, you will get the right kind of arch support offering you extreme comfort and convenience. Test your foot orthotics before you buy them to understand if they are really helping you by providing arch support. Also, ensure that you purchase from a reputed dealer to avoid any future disappointment.

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