Why Podiatry Care?


Foot problems have emerged as a major source of physical discomfort in the modern times and are often neglected in our hectic lifestyles till such time they assume diabolic proportions. A little precaution and care in time will not only ensure comfort but also help you lead a healthy life with Happy Feet.

There are a variety of reasons which may lead to foot problems such as trauma, disease or even injuries. Additionally improper biomechanical and prolonged usage of incorrect footwear can have serious consequences over a period of time. Wrong fitting shoes and even footwear that have awkward contours can lead to sever discomfort.

If neglected such pains can rapidly degenerate into chronic issues requiring advanced medical treatment which is not only complicated but also expensive and time consuming.


What we Offer

We provide a comprehensive range of services catering to all kinds of podiatry care and treatment customized to meet your specific requirements. Our services include:

ü  Gait analysis

ü  Biomechanicics

ü  Kid's Footcare

ü  Treatment of ingrowing toe nails

ü  Rheumatoid treatment

ü  Diabetic Footcare

ü  Sport injuries treatment

ü  Geriatic Footcare

ü  Verrucae Treatment

ü  Soft tissue injury care

ü  Plantar Fasciitis treatment

ü  General Footcare counseling


We have experienced footcare professional who have etched a name for themselves in the field serving a wide range of patients with varied needs and problems.

Who We Are?


We are a multidiscipline specialized podiatry clinic with decades of experience. Our state of the art technology is at par with the best available in the field bringing the most advanced and proven treatment in the field. Each individual podiatrist in our team has tremendous experience and expertise in a super specialized stream of footcare to deliver effective results for your problems.

Our team of doctors and footcare professional deliver high caliber and customized treatment and care to every client. We take into account the specific conditions, needs and lifestyle requirement of every client to give practical solutions that provide relief in specific time frames. Our methods are cost effective and show tangible results for you to assess the efficacy of the treatment.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


This common condition which is also known as heel pain can be a major source of discomfort unless you adopt the right treatment and care in time. We provide accurate solutions which help you overcome the pain in a phased manner so as to prevent recurrence. Some of our common treatment methodologies involve:

Ø  Customized strapping and taping

Ø  Ultrasound analysis and treatment

Ø  Custom designed orthotics

Ø  Massage therapy

Ø  Customized stretching exercise regime

Ø  Splints

Ø  Comprehensive footwear advise and design

Ø  Non steroid medications as per each individual case for relief

We do undertake surgery for plantar fasciitis but only as a rare measure when all other conventional treatment has been rendered ineffective. In a few cases we also supervise a weight loss regimen to eliminate additional strain on the ankles. Our trained professionals ensure that is achieved with minimal discomfort to you or disruption in your normal lifestyle.

We have a reputation of high success rate and strive hard to maintain it that way.


With us you are assured of the best !!!

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Happy Clients

This is what some of our satisfied and happy clients have to say about us.

I have had chronic heel pain for the past decade and had tried almost all kinds of treatment available. Key wisdom help me bounce back from pain to freedom. Highly recommended.
Lydia Holloway

Happy Clients

My 12 year old son often complained of pain in the ankle while playing football. It ttok us quite some time to figure out the real issue. The pofiatrists at Key Wisdom were really helpful in identifying the cause and providing an effective care. My son is happy and and so am I.
Poppy Murray